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Welcome to my website - Char's Photography

I hope you will enjoy the images that have been placed here for you to view.

My name is Char Roller and I am a local photographer in the Nineveh, Indiana area. My husband and I have lived in Nineveh since 2005 and love it here.

I enjoy taking photos of:

families - babies, pregnancies, children, seniors and mature adults
animals - dogs, cats, horses, and many, many more
events - engagements, horse shows, dog shows, class reunions, family reunions,
dance recitals, soccer games, and softball games
landscapes, wildlife, and nature.

When I capture a moment in time and create a memory in a photograph to be shared, I feel that I have made a difference.

I began taking photographs in 1998. Since, I have won awards at the Johnson County Fair, the Indiana State Fair, and the State Historical Society Museum.

Ready for your photographic event?

Contact information:

Char's Photography
Char Roller
Nineveh, Indiana 46164
(317) 474-4229 cell

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